Rolex 17014 quartz watch replacement battery

The main fake watches stopped. According to the main reaction watch watch is always walking a few hours, and occasionally there will be stopped phenomenon. The initial estimate is the battery power, and specific or other master to know. Main maintenance requirements: replace the battery; do routine maintenance Maintenance division according to the type of quartz watch back cover, select the appropriate cover device, some watch the back cover shape is special. In addition, most of the watches in order to ensure that the watch's waterproof are tightened tight, not easy to open. (Really met for the first time, from the picture can be seen, Rolex's quartz watch with other quartz watch has a completely different drive device. Even retained the escapement!) After the cover, the maintenance division with a professional instrument to detect the movement of the watch is faulty, and use the universal meter to detect the battery power (if the watch is not long-term placement, even if the measured battery has been exhausted to the movement to detect) , To ensure that the reasons for the failure of the watch, while the need to check the watch's waterproof performance. The technician removes the battery with insulated tweezers and clears the dust and grease around the movement with the specified professional tools. Need to replace the same type of battery. According to the requirements of the main watch, the maintenance division will remove the watch movement, one by one demolition movement parts. Place all parts on a fully automatic washer to clean the grease thoroughly for about 45 minutes. Subsequently, the reorganization of the watch movement and point the oil. And then use the insulation tweezers to the new watch battery press, and finally, when the travel test and waterproof testing to ensure that your quartz watch movement is normal. Summary: 1. watches have not been detected by other failures, the battery power; replace the same type of battery 2. should be the main requirements, the regular wash oil maintenance.